Dr. Linda Andrade Wheeler

Educator, Entrepreneur & Author/Speaker
“In a completely rational society, the best of us would aspire to be teachers, and the rest of us would have to settle for something less, because passing civilization along from one generation to the next ought to be the highest honor and highest responsibility anyone could have.”

–Lee Iococca

Dr. Linda Andrade Wheeler, is a lifelong educator.  Her diverse and rich experiences in education have taken her from the preschool classroom to the university classroom in both teaching and administrative roles.  Dr. Wheeler retired from the Hawaii State Department of Education after 32 years in various capacities, and for the past 12 years she has been at Hawaii Pacific University as an Associate Professor and the Field Director of Education in the School of Education preparing undergraduate and graduate students to teach students effectively in public and private schools throughout the world – including Hawaii and many states in the United States, England, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Germany, Turkey, India, South America,Mexico, Guam, etc.

Dr. Wheeler has written many articles, speeches and presentations related to education, business and life, and will be sharing them in Blogs on a frequent basis.  She invites and welcomes her readers to share their thoughts with her.

She is an author of 10 books and a popular Perpetual Calendar.  The titles of her books are:

  • Sunbaked Feelings – sunlit cameos about living in the sugar cane plantation of Pu’unene, Maui in the Territory of Hawaii.
  • Ain’t Life an Artichoke?It Takes a Lot of Peeling to get to the Heart of it. Nine (9) Steps to Personal Excellence are shared.
  • Ain’t Life a Pomegranate?You can pick at the small stuff or have it all – it’s up to you.11 Steps to Self-Empowerment are shared.
  • Ain’t Life a Beach? On changes in our lives and how to deal with them effectively.
  • A Standard of Kindness: Producing Goodness –About the power of Kindness.
  • The Power of Resiliency: Bouncing Back in a Changing World –How to develop a mindset that prepares you to be resilient in meeting life’s challenges.
  • Lessons in Love Selected as a Bestseller by the Honolulu Advertiser in 2001.It is a book that gets its readers to focus on love – the most significant emotion in our lives, and examine their role in making their lives and those they love, meaningful and fulfilling.
  • Lessons in Life – Thoughts that prompt reflections of one’s own life and how you can become more cognizant of what matters most in your life.
  • Aloha: The Spirit Within You – about the Aloha Spirit and stories of 15 people who masterfully ‘bring alive ‘ the Aloha Spirit in their daily lives.
  • Isabella: The Dancing Crab – a children’s book on water safety for young children.
  • “Pookela (Excellence): A Perpetual Calendar –A year-long/perpetual calendar that illuminates your thoughts to look at each day with focus and purpose.  Instantly, people search for their birthdays to see what kind of day they will make for themselves based on the inspiring thought for that particular day.  It is a daily reminder that in this hurried and high-tech world that we live in, we must take time to think about the significance of people and our role in making life so much better for ourselves, and the people who surround us.

Her latest book , “Isabella, the Dancing Crab” is a children’s book which has been well-received by young children.  When asked why she wrote a children’s book, Dr. Wheeler said, “A children’s story can have great impact on young minds, especially if it is about something that catches their imagination and focuses on something important in their lives.  When my three grandchildren were very young, I used to tell them the story of Isabella, the Dancing Crab.  They would listen and imagine Isabella dancing on the beach and always request that I repeat that story again and again. I knew that they loved Isabella, the character in the book, and what she had taught them about being safe at the beach. This story was written to bring that character to life for them, and to assure that lesson’s that Isabella shared with them could be passed on to their children, and other children who love to go to the beach.”  To learn more about this book and how you can order it for your child, school or library go to:


Dr. Wheeler’s joy in life comes from her family, which includes her devoted husband Milt, who never quit believing in her ability to touch people’s hearts with her writing, her loving three sons  – Milton, Garrett and Lance, and their incredible wives – Noelani, Michelle, and Kim, who create ‘Heaven on Earth’ for their families , and three fabulous grandchildren – Sierra, Kula and Keira, who singularly and collectively make life worth living – with  their fun, excitement and passion for learning and self-discovery.

Dr. Linda Andrade Wheeler